Andrew Conboy

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Hey, I'm Andrew. I'm passionate about trees and plants. I currently work on the Urban Forestry team at the University of Penn’s Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia. I have an Environmental Science degree from Chestnut Hill College, and a Master's Degree in Biology from Lehigh University. I am a content creator on TikTok and YouTube, where I focus on environmental and ecological education, and I hope to inspire laypeople to take better care of the environment.

I run a non-profit organization with the goal of planting trees and restoring native ecosystems within my community. -

Here are some of my videos on TikTok and YouTube:
This is what the roots of most trees look like!
All About the Spotted Lanternfly!
Saving a mature tree from an invasive vine!
All About the Emerald Ash Borer!

Other videos I created to help with plant identifications:
I created a dichotomous key and video guide for North American Sumacs (Rhus spp.). Please note that this is definitely not the best key, especially for Sumacs on the west coast, but it should hopefully be able to help you narrow your search.
How to Identify Tree of Heaven and its native lookalikes

On iNaturalist, I mainly focus on plants, but I'm interested in learning about all life around me. I use my map of observations to record where I've been, so I try to observe something everywhere I go.

I stand with BIPOC naturalists, and I actively promote the idea that learning and engaging in the outdoors is for everyone. If I can help you or your movement, please feel free to reach out!

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