Dan Harper

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Southeastern Massachusetts, U.S.A.

What I know best is environmental interpretation and outdoors education, for children, teens, and adults. As a professional educator in the San Francisco Bay Area, California 2014-2022, I developed curriculum for and co-taught a weekly environmental justice class and a week-long day camp for upper elementary children and young adolescents. I also led a few week-long workshops on ecological spirituality for adults. I completed the UC California Naturalist program in 2021.

Living in Massachusetts as of summer, 2022, where I have a new job but continue as a volunteer educator. In July, 2023, I'll be leading a couple of workshops in ecological spirituality, and running ecology programs at a family camp. August 14-18, 2023, I'll be co-directing a week-long ecology day camp in Cohasset — https://ecojusticecampsouthshore.org

As of spring, 2023, I'm enrolled in Mass. Audubon's Field Naturalist certificate program (the equivalent of "Master Naturalist" certification in other U.S. states).

Since I know far more about educating humans than I know about identifying non-human organisms, I'm grateful to iNat for slowly improving my knowledge of non-human organisms. When I do IDs, it's mostly just moving "Unknowns" to a Kingdom or Phylum, and mostly in SE Mass.

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