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I'm a guy looking to improve his ID skills. Mainly focused on Herps but I want to know a bit of everything. Native North Carolinian. Reliable Responder on r/whatsthissnake.

I like to spend my time getting things out of "Unknown" and "Needs ID" for Reptiles and Amphibians. My strong suit is US herps (specifically snakes), but I can ID European snakes pretty well and can figure out some common species for other areas.

I want to note that I tend not to use subspecies as they are, typically, arbitrarily based on locational and visual characteristics and not on actual genetics. The times you do see me use ssp. is when the actual ssp. is an actual species but iNat hasn't reflected it yet, I'm being lazy, or some turtles (mostly just Box turtles and Pond Sliders).

If you need me for anything (e.g. help with ID, clarifying an ID, and/or fixing an ID) please ping me. I go through my notifications often enough (at least once a day) that I'll respond somewhat quickly. I also unfollow observations when they meet certain criteria just to keep my notifications manageable. For example, when 3+ people (excluding myself and the poster) agree on a species, it's a common species (e.g. green anoles, American alligators, etc.), or a top identifier joins in.

Live Native NC herps found in NC: 72/176
Total herps observed (all evidence): 133 (5 dead only, 1 shed only, 2 call only)

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