Davida Blanton

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I grew up in South Texas, chasing and capturing various critters, especially bugs and lizards. At age 13 a science teacher gave me extra credit for collecting and identifying as many insects as I could in a two-week period. I was hooked! That experience went well beyond the extra credit and began a lifelong fascination with insects, especially beetles and butterflies. I'm growing increasingly enamored with plants and birds as I age. The natural world intrigues and astounds me and grows more exciting with time and experience. I enjoy medical science, histology, forensic pathology, oceanography, and zoology. I have a B.S. in Pre-med Biology and M.A. in Secondary Science Education and have spent time exploring 46 U.S. states, Northeastern Mexico, Southeastern Canada, and Kenya. San Diego County is my favorite of all places I have lived. I think it's very important to love where you live. I'm back in South Texas for the time being; where the weather, allergy issues, and various other commitments are keeping me from exploring as much as I would like to. I'm not much of a photographer, but I greatly enjoy the fabulous iNat observations and the joyous learning that comes with them. It's a beautiful thing!

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