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I'm a PhD Candidate (UCLA, Biology) and an independent biologist based in eastern Ventura County, California (www.cooperecological.com). I've been birding since the mid-1980s, starting as a little kid in the Los Angeles area. I've traveled extensively in Central America and lived on the East Coast (MA, NY, RI) on and off, running a bird banding station in Rhode Island in the mid-2000s. Until 2005 I was the Director of Bird Conservation for Audubon California.

My Flora of Griffith Park was published by Crossosoma in 2017, and treats the 400+ plant species in the eastern Santa Monica Mountains of Los Angeles County. I moderated the online Los Angeles County Birding Group (when it was Yahoo) and now moderate two groups for Facebook, "Birding California" and "LA Raptors". I formerly wrote the "Birds of the Season" column for L.A. Audubon (early 2000s). I am an associate editor of Western Birds (journal) and have led professional birding tours since the late 1990s. I now lead customized birding/nature tours in California and the West (www.cooperecotours.com).

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