Denis H Knopp

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I was the principal of B.C.’s Wild Heritage Environmental Consultants for 27 years focusing on biological resource inventories of rare (Species-at-Risk and Provincial-listed) flora and fauna, site environmental assessments, and environmental monitoring in B.C. As a naturalist with experience that cover a broad range of vegetation and wildlife species with rare plants, small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies and dragonflies. I coordinated multi-species surveys for terrestrial and wetland species as well as conducted habitat assessments, habitat enhancement and restoration, monitoring, and provided technical documents, maps and management recommendations/mitigation.

In addition, I have been a scientific advisor and member of Species-at-Risk (SAR) advisory committees and recovery teams for a diversity of species: Spotted owl, Tall bugbane (TB), Half Moon Hairstreak, Pacific water shrew (PWS), Oregon spotted frog (OFS) and Coastal giant salamander (CGS), in addition to preparing the Tall bugbane Recovery Action Plan and creating an identification pamphlet. I have provided training and range extension work over the past years with Ministry of Environment personnel, in addition to other parties monitoring OSF, CGS and TB sites, and provided identification confirmation. My most note worthy discovery was of the then considered extirpated red-listed Oregon spotted frog in 1995 and in subsequent years for finding 3 additional laying sites in BC. Along with Cris Guppy, I confirmed the presence of Propertius Duskywing “subspecies 2”, in B.C. I has the first record for the Great Arctic, subspecies Oeneis nevadensis nevadensis in BC and the first Mainland record in BC for the spot-wing glider dragonfly (Pantala hymenaea), in addition to the first record of a black petaltail (Tanypteryx hageni) east of the BC coast in the Skagit watershed.

I have completed many projects over this period for federal and provincial ministries and non-governmental organizations. Have worked in the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, Okanogan, Thompson-Nicola, Cariboo, Kootenay and in the Peace regions. Over the past years, I’ve completed multi-species surveys and management plans for the Department of National Defence at the Chilliwack, Aldergrove and Vernon Bases, in addition to a multi-species survey in the Skagit Valley for the Skagit Endowment Commission. I’ve also completed SAR range extension surveys for Recovery Teams and Ministry of Environment Species-At-Risk specialists, including Tall bugbane, Oregon spotted frog, Pacific giant salamander and Pacific water shrew in the Lower Mainland/Sunshine Coast Regions, and the Half-moon hairstreak and Dun skipper in the Lower Mainland and Okanagan Region. In the Kootenay, I worked on amphibian assessments at the Whatshan Dam, a toad tunnel assessment at Summit Pass and with the Rocky Mountain tailed frog in the Flathead River watershed and wildlife and plant surveys in the Peace River District.

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