Debra Hendricks

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I enjoy observing all things in nature. I'm sort of a "Jack of all trades and a master of none" when it comes to science. I have a dual Master's degree (from the East Texas area) which emphasized Aquatic Biology and Geology. Those, coupled with my occasional adventures with the Texas Archaeological Society, means that no matter where I am, there is something interesting to see and learn.

I often post notes on my observations but those are primarily intended to let me know when to stock up on birdseed, anticipate arrival of species, etc. If anyone can make use of the notes toward migration trends, then even better.

I have worked the last ten years to convert my property in Central Texas from an Ashe Juniper monoculture to a mini-wildlife refuge. This is the source of most of my species sightings. I'm now proud to sport a "Certified National Wildlife Federation Property" plaque on my gate. My neighbors just say that I'm "certifiable" when it comes to nature enthusiasm.

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