Drew R. Davis, Ph.D.

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I am an Assistant Professor of Wildlife Biology at Eastern New Mexico University. As a conservation ecologist and herpetologist, I primarily conduct research involving North American amphibians and reptiles. Current research involves studying the distribution of imperiled snakes and turtles in New Mexico, Texas, and Indiana. Recent previous work has included novel (eDNA, drone) and traditional surveys for surveys for threatened taxa, including the Black-spotted Newt, Rio Grande Cooter, and Lesser Siren. Additionally, I am examining and documenting the introduction and spread of several species of non-native geckos across south Texas. I remain interested in understanding the effects of land use and stressors on amphibians and reptiles through studies involving behavioral ecology, stress physiology, disease ecology, and ecotoxicology. Museum and specimen-based studies remain a large component of my research program and I actively collect voucher specimens.


HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT OPPORTUNITY: I strongly encourage participation in research by students of all ages. Please reach out to me if you're a pre-college student and interested in herpetological research.

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