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SCP-10423 'Jazzmaster' / anomalous cryptozoologist / anonymous necromancer / autistic completionism / compulsive over-explainer / bunch of kittens / normal guy

If a picture I upload sucks and is unable to be identified, please comment that and let me know. I will delete it. I give everything a shot in case it's able to be IDed but sometimes the quality is too poor. Please let me know if that's the case. It won't offend me.

Feel free to tag me for assistance on flags or IDs. I like to help.

Currently trying to review every cat observation. ~ 21,980 left

One of the many resources for stray and feral cats of WNY. Please reach out if there's a location you need a similar resource for. :)

Please refer to me by username, if you must refer to me at all. I operate under a pseudonym for a reason, just not the one you think.

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