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I am an amateur naturalist with a passion for observing and documenting nature. I am particularly interested in seashore and forest habitats of the Pacific Northwest. I teach elementary science and lead a junior naturalist club for my students.

I am the owner/curator of the Marine Life of the Salish Sea project.

Favourite Books on Exploring Nature with Children:
The Nature Connection, Clare Walker Leslie
Handbook of Nature Study, Anna Botsford Comstock
DK Nature Explorer, Burnie, Morgan, Walker & Woodward
The Private Eye, Kerry Ruef
I Love Dirt!, Jennifer Ward
You Are the Earth, David Suzuki
Citizen Scientists, Loree Griffin Burns
The Kid's Guide to Exploring Nature, Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Favourite identification guides:
Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest, Andy Lamb & Bernard P. Hanby
The Beachcomber's Guide to Seashore Life in the Pacific Northwest, J. Duane Sept
Pacific Reef and Shore, Rick M. Harbo
The Salish Sea, Bruce Obee
Guide to Common Seaweeds of British Columbia, R. F. Scagel
The Intertidal Univalves of British Columbia, Lela M. Griffith
Plants of Coastal British Columbia, Pojar & MacKinnon
Pacific Coast Tree Finder, Tom Watts
Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest, Mark Turner & Phyllis Gustafson
Insects of the Pacific Northwest, Peter Haggard & Judy Haggard
Nature Guide to the Victoria Region, Nightingale & Copley
The Naturalist's Guide to the Victoria Region, Weston & Stirling
Birds of Coastal British Columbia, Nancy Baron & John Acorn
Birds of Victoria and Vicinity, Bovey, Campbell & Gates

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