Emily Scherer

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Undergraduate at the University of Oregon studying some combination of biology, geography, and chemistry. I am most interested in plants, particularly how abiotic factors influence their distribution on varying spatial and temporal scales. Plants confer to us a sense of place, making my dream to explore the world through its patterning and diversity of flora. Wildflowers are my favorite group and the most well represented in my observations, but I consider ferns the most underappreciated of the tracheophytes and would love to learn more about them.

My love for flowers started with cutting roses in my backyard for use in floral arrangements. More recently, it has led to confront an intense fear of spiders in the Amazon rainforest while pursuing orchids through calf-deep mud. At home in Oregon, you can often find me skiing or rafting while distracted by plants. I can't help you save your houseplant, but I might be able to give you its Latin name and a fun fact about its family.

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