Felix Nicholls

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Hi. I'm basically a teenager that loves science (particularly nature). I have a small (and always expanding) insect collection.
I like taking photos of animals, insects plants and caves. I'm also the youngest of the WA Herbarium's volunteer mounting teem. I also have a strong interest in south-west western Australia's orchids and under-researched drosera. If anyone knows anything about the native drosera or any books that are good for ID then I'd love to hear. I'm also the creator of the"Carnivourous Plants of Western Australia" (https://inaturalist.ala.org.au/projects/cps-of-south-west-australia) and the Native Hybrid Orchids of Western Australia (https://inaturalist.ala.org.au/projects/native-hybrid-orchids-of-western-australia) projects.

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