Belinda Forbes

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I've had a lifelong passion for all things nature.
Finished my BSc in Conservation Biology in 2004 and the next year found myself working for 9 months at Broome Bird Observatory - a fabulous experience. In 2007 I worked in Narrogin for DEC and got to explore the Avon Catchment.
I've been birdwatching since 2004 and in 2011 got my first taste of snorkelling, which became an instant obsession. In 2015 I travelled to Queensland and got to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef as well as achieve the most bird species in one day between Julatten and Atherton and back.
In 2016 I got to travel to Europe and the USA, I'd love to return to Yellowstone and the bayou.
Come 2023 and I'm assisting as an ecologist for flora and fauna surveys in the gorgeous northern outback of Western Australia.
If you couldn't tell I love to travel. I'm also a keen geocacher which gets me out in nature. And I have my own vegetable and native gardens, if I can't eat it or it's not native, I don't want it in my garden.
If I'm outside, I'm birdwatching. If I'm in the water, I'm IDing fish. And lately I'm learning to ID native plants.

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