Gil Felipe Gonçalves Miranda Curador

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I specialized in Syrphidae (Diptera, Insecta) with focus on Nearctic and Neotropical fauna. I've also worked extensively on the female genitalia of Syrphidae and believe it contains valuable characters to sort between taxa. I have expertise on the Ocyptamus group and all taxa that were formerly associated to it (Atylobaccha, Calostigma, Fragosa, Hermesomyia, Hybobathus, Hypocritanus, Maiana, Mimocalla, Nuntianus, Ocyptamus sensu stricto, Orphnabaccha, Pelecinobaccha, Pipunculosyrphus, Pseudoscaeva, Relictanum, Styxia, Victoriana). Taxa that I studied/revised most recently would be (as of 2021) Ceriomicrodon, Hybobathus arx group, Lepidomyia, Orthonevra, and Pelecinobaccha.

I'm also a macrophotographer but I just haven't been taking anything as of late and I'm way behind in posting my old pictures.

So many photos to curate... If you find a photo that I've ided and I didn't justify it, and you have any doubts, please feel free to tag or message me about it and I'll gladly explain :)

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