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Hello! My name is Hannah Floyd, and I am a high school naturalist and nature photographer from Colorado. Birds were my chief interest when I was younger, and they are certainly what I know best today! I have recently begun learning about the etymology for scientific names of birds. Through iNaturalist, I have grown to have a broader appreciation for science and nature as a whole. Insects (especially the Coleoptera and Lepidoptera) are some of my favorite taxa, and I enjoy finding reptiles, amphibians, and new plants. Despite having lived in a land-locked state my entire life, I have always been fascinated by the ocean; cetaceans and cnidaria are my favorite taxa.

In addition to adding my observations here on iNaturalist, I share my favorite photos over on Instagram. My account name is the same as iNaturalist, @hannahfloyd_naturalist (https://www.instagram.com/hannahfloyd_naturalist/?hl=en).

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