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I am an amateur botanist from Austria - native in county Rohrbach, now resident of Vienna - and naturally most of my observations will be from (mainly) Eastern Austria & Upper Austria - and will concentrate on species growing in the wild.
However, I am also interested in cultivated plants (both native and exotic ones), and even in mushrooms and animals. But my field of "proficiency" (if one would want to call it that, I'm a self-taught botanist and never thoroughly studied the field) certainly is botany.

Concerning species identification I try to be as accurate as possible but corrections are always welcome! Also, I intend to add the most important synonyms in species descriptions.

Plant IDs usually follow Fischer & al., Exkursionsflora (2008) which of course is already out of date concerning some species, and for this reason I am of course open to any comments also concerning species names.
Additional sources, especially concerning changes in taxonomy:
The Plant List

Fungi nomenclature follows Index Fungorum which of course means that given names and synonymy are taken from the date when I linked to Index Fungorum - it may of course be out of date when you click the link. As for fungi ID I rely on experience, some fungi field guides and internet sources.

Animal nomenclature simply just follows Wikipedia and may also be imprecise or out of date.
Possible other search tools which I didn't really use so far:

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