Houman Doroudi

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I am a Senior Process Project Engineering Expert who has been very successful in his field of work and, who has keen of the nature and wildlife since childhood since 1984, especially ornithology and butterfly-watching, sharks and mammals, and tries to see and photograph different species of animals by monitoring them in nature. I love mountaineering and monitoring in nature and dominates different species of birds in the world due to numerous studies of various papers and books. I also love documenting my observations in the form of papers, checklists, videos, and photos..
For Contact me:
Emails: houman.drd@gmail.com - termtay@gmail.com
WhatsApp: 0098-9121987403
https://www.instagram.com/houman_doroudi_worldwildlife/ https://www.instagram.com/iranian_warblers

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/houman_doroudi_birder

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