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26 y/o Mechanical Engineer + Entomologist + Entrepreneur + Author/Illustrator. Graduate of RIT. Director of Owlfly Engineering and Owlfly Publishing. My native language is English.

26 a/e Ingeniera Mecánica + Entomóloga + Empresaria + Autora/Ilustradora. Graduada de RIT. Directora de Owlfly Ingeniería y Owlfly Editorial. Inglés es mi lingua materna. ¡Lo siento por mi Español pésimo!


The Cicadas of North America -- TBD/WIP (est. 2024-2026) ***
(500-ish-page field guide to species of Cicadoidea)

Biodiversity and Classification of Wasps -- TBD/WIP (est. 2023)
(textbook chapter about Vespoidea)

The Social Wasps of North America -- 2022 ***
(424-page field guide to species of Vespinae, Polistinae, & Microstigmus)

The Order of Lepidoptera in the Northeastern US & Canada -- 2015
(free pocket field guide to butterfly & moth families)

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