Matthew Lindsey Curador

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I'm a homeschooled Christian and hobbyist but horrible macro-photographer most interested in the order Araneae (spiders), but I do have great fondness for Arthropoda (arthropods) in general.

For those interested, my camera gear consists of the Canon EOS 2000D (Rebel T7) camera, EF-S 18-55mm IS II lens (kit lens), the Shoot Autofocus 14-65mm macro extension tube, and a cheap flash and homemade diffuser. My photographs are published under the CC-BY license so that organizations like Wikipedia and GBIF are free to use them. For that reason, I try to include photographs of as many different species and positions as possible. You as well are free to use my photographs, but like the organizations previously mentioned, you must credit me as the photographer, since I am the one who spent time, money, and effort to photograph all of the organisms in my posts. It would also be greatly appreciated if you inform me of photo-usage, although this isn't mandatory. I can also be found on Flickr, where I publish mostly my better and favorite photographs under the same license.

"Wherever there is faith as slender as one strand of the spider's web, there the fullness of redeeming grace is active." ~ John Murray

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