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I'm a life-long naturalist, and I love documenting everything I see out in nature. iNat is an awesome tool to organize everything and get it identified. I mostly use the site as a database/notebook of my own observations, but I contribute IDs every once-in-awhile when I'm confident (not often). My identifications of my own observations are tentative, since I try to go as far as I can using the info here, on BugGuide, in taxonomic keys, etc. I welcome any corrections!

I got my PhD at UT Austin studying aquatic insect communities, and I'm currently an aquatic scientist with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. I'm interested in the natural history of pretty much everything--especially insects, herps, and plants. I am currently in the "lister" mindset where I am trying to see as many species as I can. I mostly focus on the low-hanging fruit of local plants and insects that come to lights.

While many of my observations are less-than-stellar phone pics, I am also into more serious macro photography. Please visit my website for some of my favorite shots:

Happy naturalizing!

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