Siena McKim

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Hello! I am a recent graduate of University of Michigan where I studied Art + Design, and Ecology + Evolutionary Biology and now I live in San Diego. Since I started SCUBA diving in San Diego, I have been trying to catalogue and identify all the sub-tidal invertebrates I come across, with a keen interest in tunicates, sponges, and hydroids. With my observations and knowledge gained through the people of iNaturalist, personal research, and my various volunteering positions, I want to teach others about earth's amazing organisms. I am currently in the process of applying to grad programs so I can continue doing my research on a professional level.

During my time at U of M I studied freshwater algae, and published my first paper in the Great Lakes Botanist on a new species of diatom a research partner and I discovered living endosymbiotically in colonies of the ciliate Ophrydium versatile. You can request to read the full text of my paper on my research gate if interested. (

You can also view some of my art work on my website:

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