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If I've identified an observation of yours as something very broad like "plants" or "mammals," and you're wondering why, please read item 5.

For Identifiers: I obscure most observations made on private property. However, if additional information is required for identification, I am generally happy to supply what I can, depending on the specificity of the request.

I'm a PNW-based artist and lifelong nature enthusiast. When it comes to identifying, I'm most familiar with birds of the Pacific Northwest and Coastal Southeast United States, but I'm trying to expand my knowledge of other taxa as well. Right now I'm attempting to add life stage annotations to as many Lepidoptera observations as I can, to help amateur moth and butterfly enthusiasts like myself have a more complete picture of what to look for at which time(s) of year.

My background is in illustration and comics, and I am particularly interested in making educational non-fiction comics for teen and adult readers. If you are a biologist who is interested in collaborating on a project along those lines, shoot me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I am able.

I use a variety of online resources to ID organisms (someday I'll compile a spreadsheet and share it here), but I often find it easier to use printed resources. None are completely up-to-date, but I make corrections and notes in the margins when I notice errors/inaccuracies:
-Arthropods (general): Peterson, M.A. 2018. Pacific Northwest Insects. Seattle Audubon Society.
-Plants & Lichens: Pojar, J. and A. MacKinnon, Ed. 1994. Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast: Washington, Oregon, British Columbia & Alaska. Lone Pine Publishing.
-Mammal Tracks & Scat: None, open to recommendations (PNW/Western NA region top priority).
-Feathers: None, open to recommendations (US & Can. birds)
-Lepidoptera: None; to-buy list: Life Histories of Cascadia Butterflies by David James and David Nunnallee.
-Fungi: Marrone, Teresa and Drew Parker. Mushrooms of the Northwest: A Simple Guide to Common Mushrooms. (other titles are on my to-buy list as well)

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