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I am a native bee technician from Alberta and have a BSc in zoology from the University of Calgary. I am an aspiring entomologist, so I love posting and identifying insects, but I also like to post other flora and fauna. Currently, I am working on my identification skills of native bees of Alberta, but I am by no means an expert.

Don't be afraid to ask me how I identified something, especially since I may be incorrect! Also, I like to put broader classifications sometimes to help experts find and ID observations. And remember, insects are very hard to ID and there are lots of tiny characteristics you need to observe with a microscope to ID them, so it's best to put a broader classification if you are unsure. It's tough work, so don't be too hard on yourself!

I hope you have a happy and healthy day! 🪲🐜🐝🦆🪰🦗🦟🌲🦅🏳️‍🌈

Slava Ukrayini 🇺🇦

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