Jared Manninen

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I've lived at Lake Tahoe since 2005 and, ever since moving here, have fallen in love with the place. Although I’ve been playing outside my entire life, it's only been in the last few years that I've started to consider myself a naturalist. As a result, I've shifted my focus from logging miles to logging identifications.

At this point in my life (and for the foreseeable future), I'm primarily interested in identifications and information regarding the flora and fauna of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding Sierra Nevada Mountains. In addition to going out and enjoying what Tahoe has to offer, I write a hiking and cross-country skiing blog (https://TahoeTrailGuide.com) that focuses on recreating in the region. Whenever possible, I include in my articles imagery and information about Sierra Nevada wildlife and plant life. My intention is to inspire people to look closer at the world around them and develop a greater appreciation for the outdoors.

I don't actually have any formal education in the natural sciences (BA in technical writing with a minor in fine arts), so any and all help with my identifications is much appreciated. That said, I'm currently enrolled in a wilderness naturalist certificate program through Lake Tahoe Community College's Wilderness Outdoor Education Program (http://www.ltcc.edu/academics/academic_programs/wildernessed.php). Since I rotate between seasonal outdoor recreation jobs, it'll probably take me a little longer to complete the program than if I were attending full-time classes.

In the meantime, iNat's wonderful community of observers and identifiers has provided me with a crash-course in naturalism. I'm so glad I finally got on-board in earnest (in 2019) because it's enabled me to have a richer outdoor experience.

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