Jacob Moore

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Firstly, I am an Alabama Country Boy who loves the water and nature. I am a carpenter, welder, and mason by trade. I was a Police Officer and Motorcycle Patrol Officer (Academy Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Motorcycle Instructor) for 13 years. I am an entrepreneur for swimming and a Scuba Diving Instructor. We run trips to the Florida Springs, artificial reefs / wrecks and the coral reef in the Florida Keys. Academically, I am a Business (Associate) Spanish (Associate) major from Georgia State University, and an Environmental Management (Bachelors) & Business Project Management (Masters) major from Columbia Southern University. I have been employed as a State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection Park Ranger at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park in Key Largo, Florida. We conducted resource management and diving for coral / fish / plant identification, survey, and collection on the reef and marine habitat. I was also an Environmental Specialist for the Environmental Services in Mobile County, Alabama. This equates to simply I like doing cool stuff in cool places. Thank you for your help in identifying anything that I may find. I hope to keep learning and helping the community.

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