Joseph Felts

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I am a Biology instructor at Davidson-Davie Community College. I have a B.A. in biology from UNCW and an M.S. in zoology from Texas Tech. I use this personally as a hobby for when I am out walking the dog or walking through an area that’s new to me. I also like to utilize the app in my college courses, specifically my General Biology II and my Environmental Biology course. In General Biology, students use it to help ID organisms they have collected for DNA barcoding. I also teach an online summer course in environmental biology and have students build a species diversity portfolio using the app to identify at least 20 species (or closest rank they can get to with community help) and also in calculating both the Shannon-Weaver and Simpson’s indices for a specific area they have chosen. In having students use the app, a side goal is a hope that some of them continue to add observations and contribute to an area of science even if that’s not a career goal.

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