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Hi All, I am 56 years old, and reside in Fredonia, KS. I have been a herper, hunting & observing reptiles since I was 6 years old. I have been & still am a member of the Kansas Herpetological Society, even serving as a Past President of the KHS (1984), if you really like herps, check the KHS out on their website at I developed a special interest in milksnakes & kingsnakes as a teen, and have traveled to a number a states outside of KS, in pursuit of observing and sometimes collecting them in the wild. Of course my all time favorite state to herp for kingsnakes is & remains Texas. Check out my observations of TX Herps on Herps of Texas on iNaturalist. While I am not college educated, I am self-educated on many herps & encourage all folks who would like to contribute valuable field observations to feel free to here on the Herp's of Kansas.....

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