Kelly Omand

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Plant Research Ecologist & Botanist at Nantucket Conservation Foundation (NCF)

I'm originally from rural New Hampshire and have worked at Hawaii Volcanoes NP, Acadia NP, and Rachel Carson NWR on various botany and vegetation restoration efforts before moving to Nantucket, Massachusetts in 2008, to work for the Nantucket Conservation Foundation. My specialty is botany and plant ecology, with a focus on adaptive management to maintain healthy plant communities and rare plant species. For a number of years (although I only recently joined iNaturalist), I've been collecting photos, vouchers, and notes on Nantucket plants toward an update of the Nantucket Flora, along with Sarah Bois of Linda Loring Nature Foundation, Andrew Mckenna-Foster (formerly of Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association), and Chase Mathey (a former NCF employee and now at Great Ecology).

I've also always been fascinated by natural history, fungi, bryophytes, and lichen, along with plant/animal (especially plant/insect) interactions and occasionally post pictures of these as I encounter them in the field, and especially appreciate any help with ID from those proficient in these difficult groups!

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