Kathleen L. Ryan

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I'm a freelance photographer who specializes in bird and wildlife photography. I've had 30 photos I've taken, accepted into the photo-library of World Wildlife Fund, and have had my photos published in their newsletter, "Focus," several times. Currently they're using my Black Rhinoceros photo on line at their website here: https://www.worldwildlife.org/photos/black-rhino--5 At the World Wildlife Fund website my, "Lion Pair Conflict," was chosen for, "Photo of the Day," on January 20, 2020 https://dailywildlifephoto.nathab.com/photos/15832-lion-pair-conflict-01-20-2020 Most recently my, "Snowy Egret Chase," was chosen for publication at the, "Birding Planet," website: https://birdingplanet.com/snowy-egret-chase/?fbclid=IwAR2_8i-buW7lRSteZEzRQ7Z_zydWEK-VitbQxve6vzCPoQa7uoD-KbhCSVc

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