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I was fortunate as a teenager to have been befriended by Ned Smith, a well-known but humble and selfless Pennsylvania nature artist and writer. Ned's powers of observation as a naturalist were legendary, and he became a huge inspiration to me at a formative time in my life. He greatly broadened by interest in the outdoors and encouraged me to take up photography as a medium for observing nature. Along the way I completed a Masters degree in plant ecology at Bucknell University, studying the life history complexities of the Solidago altissima polyploid goldendrod complex under Warren G. Abrahamson. Recently I have been devoting many hours to trying to (re)locate relict populations of the famously rare wild orchid Triphora trianthophora in Pennsylvania based on historic herbarium specimens collected many years ago. My defining characteristic as a naturalist is that I am the slowest hiker you have ever met, since I generally stop every 10 feet or so to admire or photograph some tiny mushroom, flower, insect, etc.

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