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Hi there!

I recently transferred from the University of Missouri to Michigan State University. I'm a Ph.D. student researching seed dispersal in Missouri prairie ecosystems. Before graduate school, I worked in Texas and Oklahoma grasslands doing plant and pollinator surveys and in the Ozarks doing crayfish surveys. However, in undergrad, I worked with endemic Michigan dune plants such as Pitcher's thistle (which has a special place in my heart).

Feel free to reach out or @ me for help on any prairie plant IDs. I'm most experienced in identifying plants in north central Texas, southern Oklahoma, and north central Missouri, but I always love a good excuse to break out the dichotomous keys. I have experience with seed and seedling ID too.

I'm also always happy to give advice about grad school and finding an advisor.

Free resources for learning plant ID:

Shinners & Mahler’s Illustrated Flora of North Central Texas

Prairie Restoration: A digital aid featuring seeds, seedlings, and fruits

Biota of North America Program (US county-level plant distribution maps)

Tropicos (Missouri Botanical Garden's Herbarium records)

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