Ohio Mushroom DNA Lab

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Kyle is an avid naturalist, mushroom and tree enthusiast. He was born and raised in southwest Ohio where he currently resides. Kyle is most fascinated with mushrooms and their incredible properties; medicinal, psychoactive, edible, etc. He collects and documents all mushrooms he encounters, preserving them in his personal 'fungarium', a storage system for dried specimens. Kyle has created his own at-home lab that includes microscopes and DNA equipment known as the Ohio Mushroom DNA Lab. Kyle is a board member of the Ohio Mushroom Society, where he leads mushroom walks and forays in Ohio. Additionally, Kyle is the Darke County coordinator for the Old-growth Forest Network. His role is to work with the local park staff and landowners to search for old forests and nominate them to the Network. His personal love of trees, especially ancient ones, contributes to his success with identifying and nominating old-growth forests. #mushlove


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