Allen C. Risk

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I am a plant biologist on the faculty at Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky, USA. I am deeply interested in all things green and very much enjoy exploring the diversity of life in all its forms. The pleasure of moving across a landscape while cataloging the biota seems primal, right, and right on. Connecting the distribution of species and higher taxa to geology, physiography, and regional history is often a focus. Sometimes I like to go into isolated areas and just slow down, let the natural world speak, and go into "no mind", the best kind of day. I also am a big fan of vegetable gardening. I find it to be so "centering", fundamental, meaningful, and the result can literally taste so good.

My main areas of expertise are bryophytes, vascular plants, and lichens with "dabblings" in tree ring science and snails. Working with students is a particular joy; it is my privilege to have had, and to have, such great and enthusiastic students work in my laboratory and the herbarium. They are an inspiration and teach me at least as much as I teach them. I also manage a greenhouse for our department.

Happy exploring everyone!

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