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I am a park naturalist and the research and collections curator at The Nature Center at Steele Creek Park in northeastern Tennessee. My education is in geology and vertebrate paleontology. Most of my research involves modern and fossil snakes. I am interested in all aspects of natural sciences, but I tend to focus mainly on Quaternary paleontology (the last 2.5 million years), herps, birds, insects (beetles and butterflies mostly), biogeography, and morphology.

For anyone visiting Steele Creek Park, check it out in the "places" tab and search for it under the same name. There you will find all observations recorded at the park. Click on checklist to see a searchable list of all organisms that have been recorded from Steele Creek Park on iNaturalist plus all other organisms not posted on iNaturalist. Currently, everything is up to date except for the fungi, wildflowers, moths, and non-insect invertebrates. I am currently working on adding all of those to the list. I have also created a park project called Steele Creek Park Biodiversity.

Current and on-going research projects:
Species-area relationships of herpetofauna of Steele Creek Park and southern Appalachians

Cave paleontology in the southern Appalachians

Snake osteology (multiple projects)

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