F. Dylan Titmuss

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I am a currently Massachusetts-based researcher, naturalist, and particular lover of all things avian, marine, and botanical! Beyond the northeast US, I’m originally from the Gower in south Wales, and I’ve also studied in Ireland and lived in Florida.

Most recently, I’ve been working on gull population ecology research in Maine (Larus spp.), but my research background is primarily in marine science, largely focusing on population genetics and fisheries work with marine invertebrates (particularly those inhabiting the intertidal zone). In spring 2021, I defended a thesis comparatively analyzing periwinkle snail (Littorinidae) species and populations, and my favorite invert is Littorina obtusata. ;)

I'm also fairly familiar with the general flora of the northeast US (though not an expert!), and I'm very familiar with certain species -- sumacs and Vinca periwinkles are some of my favorites!

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