Leslie Farooq

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I am an amateur photographer, former botanist, and forever nature lover. I feel 100% late to this digital natural history party and now I am playing catch up. Expect copious plant, insect, and bird photos, with a side of every other species group. Expect geographic locations as far flung as Monterrey, Mexico and Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. I spend my work life in the District of Parry Sound and the northern portion of the District of Muskoka. Check on my Instagram posts at #nearnorthnotes. Hashtag nature! #naturelovers

My favourites are intentional. Linaria vulgaris reminds me of my Biology 101 professor, Christine Maxwell, at Trent University. Geum triflorum reminds me of my Peterborough MNR summer work supervisor, Mark Browning and his work on pit and quarry restoration. Liatris spicata reminds me of all of my Windsor, Ontario tallgrass prairie remnant fieldwork with Anthony Goodban. Monotropa uniflora reminds me that I have much to learn towards reconciliation with this land's first peoples. American Toad is what I always sing to the tune of American Woman by the Guess Who whenever I see one. Old Sam Peabody reminds me that spring is coming and of my youth as it was one of the first species I could identify by call. Black-capped Chickadees are my winter feathered friends, reliably coming to my feeder to cheer me up. The Monarch is a reminder of my deep ties to northern Mexico, a place where I spent ten memorable, monumental years of my life.

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