Lexi Destria

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(Formerly Seraphinarose - last updated on 15 March 2024) I am currently on an extended hiatus until the 2024 Citywide Nature Challenge this April.

I haven't decided if I will be returning to posting daily observations in May, extending the hiatus further, or possibly deleting this account. I will make the decision at least a week prior to this year's Citywide Nature Challenge.

I am currently curating content that has posted within the past five years; removing observations that lack any relevancy to benefiting citizen science, and adding observations I may have overlooked over the years (from 2018 - 2020). The reason for any deleted observations will range from the lack of quality, to general safety / well-being concerns that I faced in 2023. Any observation I cannot justify will be deleted by the end of the year.

If time allows, content will be curating based on a side-by-side Trailwalking channel or blog that has yet to be published.

In an effort to protect some of the wildlife/habitats I observe, as well as maintain an element of safety, I "schedule" my content in advance. With the exception of the Citywide Nature Challenge, all future observations posted will be at least three (3) months from the actual observation date. There may be other exceptions in the future (concerning death/eradication, documenting an new invasive species, etc.)

[My bio was last updated on 215 March 2024.]

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