Luca Davenport-Thomas

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Marine Biology Masters student at Victoria University of Wellington.
Instagram: @lucadavenportthomas

Notable Observations
102386279 First record of the Tasmanian Blenny in NZ
123766123 First observation of NZ Lancelet on iNat and possibly in-situ | Referenced in this paper
139207167 Undescribed Lobate comb jelly | Referenced in this paper
190967896 Glass squid juvenile
197593718 First record of Janolus Nudibranch species in NZ
109356713 Second observation of Melibe nudibranch in NZ
99524255 Staurocladia Wellingtoni Hydromedusa imaged in environment
83881158 Potential first images of Peachia neozelandica larvae
80547237 Significant range extension of Caldukia rubiginosa Nudibranch
103347430 Second observation of Sacoglossan species in NZ
102701962 Common Galaxia in South Coast shore
103465992 First observation of Staurozoa on iNat in NZ
107675421 First observation of Alepas pacifica on iNat
Observations of Ctenophora, Staurozoa and Nemertea referenced in NIWA Memoir 136

Species Unknown/Undescribed
100754895 Unknown Hermaea sp. Sacoglossan sea slug
93687792 Mystery Nudibranch
109356710 Undescribed Polychaete
112128997 Unknown Polychaete
117265073 Unknown Flatworm
123636023 Unknown Flatworm
102336798 Unknown Flatworm
99524263 Unknown Flatworm
95953957 Unknown Flatworm
101814205 Unknown Flatworm
109356708 Unknown Flatworm
117546666 Unknown Flatworm
140626043 Unknown Flatworm

Observation of the Day
100835845 Clingfish eggs

Observation of the Week
137370445 Bassia Bassensis Siphonophore (Blog Post)

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