Mary E. Macaulay, P.Eng.

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I am a professional environmental engineer and keen naturalist. I am also an archaeologist/anthropologist and have a special interest in ancient engineered landscapes, indicator species and archaeoethnobotany; including evidence of relic pre-settler permaculture here in Mi'kma'ki. I have visited and continue to visit hundreds of planned "Crown" cut blocks in Mi'kma'ki (Nova Scotia) during the very tight 40 day open public comment period to assess them for rarities, trail trees and archaeology. Check out this FAQ link to learn more

During the course of my volunteer fieldwork I have accumulated a list of indicator species for various human altered landscape features stretching back into deep time. I use the public LIDAR set, contour elevations, blowdown reveals and aerial photos to verify archaeological field observations. Culturally modified indicator trees are a hugely important language on the land to help with this. I do absolutely no disturbance of features nor excavation nor do I remove anything from site. I do observe and note exposed geology. I then map my findings onto the LIDAR set for the targeted block and notify DNRR of any rarities, ecological concerns, and probable archaeology on these sites before the comment period expires. I file the archaeo-ecology findings via marked up LIDAR maps with NS Special Places, the NS Museum of Natural History, and KMKNO. I also map illegal site pesticide spray activity and report this to DoE.

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