Matthew Thompson

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Hello! I’m Matthew Thompson, I am a hardcore naturalist and a senior at the School of Environmental Studies who has been into nature since a very young age, like as long as I can remember I’ve loved animals. Now I find myself driving long distances just to see new Birds, Plants, Fungi etc. I like Fishing, studying arthropods, and herping sometimes, I’m not picky about forms of nature, if it gets my lifelist higher, I’ll go snag it. I live in Rosemount and have some natural areas right near my house that I go to daily but I also go somewhere with my parents that is a bit farther away seeking out nature almost daily. Lately I’ve been very interested Birds, Butterflies and rare Wildflowers. I am an experienced and accomplished Birder, well known and respected in Minnesota and I’ve been at birding for longer than all of my iNaturalist fun. I have a sixth sense where I can walk in the woods now and pretty much identify at least to family but usually species any organisms around me at any given time. I currently have the most observations AND species of any single individual in Minnesota and hopefully I will hold that title for quite awhile. I moderate plant species reported in the Twin cities metro and have seen all the ones ever reported that are wild. Gotta get my daily eBird and INaturalist sighting every single day! Birds, bugs, botany, in 2021 I saw 4,104 species of life.

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