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I've been taking pictures of insects, fungi, and plants, all with an eye to identification, for around a decade. I learned plenty in that dabbling but never really committed to learning any one taxon, and had pretty much given up on the idea that I would ever identify most of my backlog. Then I found iNaturalist, and now I'm really learning all those things I've dabbled in over the years. Now I'm doing my best to find as many species as I can, and to photograph the traits that will allow a definitive ID.

I'm mostly interested in plants, insects, and fungi, and photograph birds and leps only out of boredom or a begrudging sense of completionism. Lately I've been focusing a lot on leaf phenomena--galls, miners, rusts, spots, feeding damage, etc. I do have an MS in insect ecology but I can't say that give me any particular ID expertise.

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