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Hi - it's great to be a member of a global community of people who are really interested in the details of biodiversity, bringing in all kind of expertise.
Over the last three decades I’ve been taking pictures of thousands of species in many parts of the world. But only a hand-picked selection of photos can & will be published here
... and that takes some years - my current observations have priority.

Because quality and quantity have an inverse relationship, I'm rather restrictive regarding observation numbers. It's more important for me to get a feedback to most of my discoveries than to produce a big output. Less can be more !

I am now in the 4th phase of my very diverse adult life (agricultural scientist, cancer pathologist, software developer, free-running naturalist ;-).
Photo: Fuerteventura, Nov'20.

My main activity since Dec.2020:
Central Macaronesia (Canarias & Madeira), especially endemic plants.
I've got valuable help from many people, thanks especially to (alphabetical order):
@artdivcan, @dieter_scriba, @gaertnerneuwirth, @joherlo, @maremimar

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