Michelle Orcutt

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At the start of summer 2021, I set out to discover which pollinators were spending time in my small, urban backyard in St. Paul, Minnesota. Many, as it turned out, and I've enjoyed getting to know them! I love the cycling of the seasons, even though winter here can seem very long, and spring far too short.

Through 2023, I was taking all my photos with an iPhone 11pro, usually with a Moment 10x macro lens attached, and was really happy with it until I drove away with the phone on top of my car. Now I have a 15 pro, and I'm quite frustrated with its macro photo quality. So...if you have any recommendations for a bee-friendly camera, please message me!

North American Halictus and other Halictini are the main focus of my bee ID work, and I continue to learn as I go. Please don't hesitate to tag or message me if you have questions or if an ID seems off. I truly appreciate the generosity of all who answer my own questions and point me in the right direction.

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