Matt Tank

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An IT consultant by profession, I've had an interest in marine life from a young age. I try to get into the water as much as I can. Occasionally it's SCUBA, but for the most part, I like the freedom of being able to just grab a mask and snorkel when I've got a couple of free hours.

I discovered iNaturalist while working on a Computer Vision proof-of-concept, and realised not only that I could could use the site to help me ID the things I didn't recognise, but I could also help others with what I know.

As for that, Indo-Pacific reef fish (both tropical and temperate) are my sweet spot, but I'm always learning. I'm based in the Adelaide area, South Australia, so my observations and knowledge will tend to centre around that general area. Marine invertebrates are an emerging specialty, especially ascidians (tunicates/sea squirts)

I regularly (OK... More like sporadically) maintain a WordPress blog, at, which is mostly technology-focused, and can be found on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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