Ahmad Hassan

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Hello! I am a 13 year old boy in love with nature! I reside in northern Pakistan in Islamabad and take frequent trips to the Murree Hills and Salt Range. I am an Islamabad Wildlife Management Board-IWMB volunteer and regularly go to trails for birding, butterfly photography and looking for signs of leopards, we have currently identified 7 leopards in the 173.73 square km national park right next to my house. The Margallah Hills National Park is diverse with 38 mammals, 415 birds, 30 reptiles, 146 butterflies, 656 plant species including 160 medicinal and 5 endemic species we also have 10 species of amphibians (1 endemic). I mostly do camera trapping for research and take pics with a phone and soon I'll get my own camera. I love leopards and would like to research on them and study them. The closest encounter I have had as of yet is a leopardess roaring at less than 50 meters from me. I clean trails, talk to the locals about their problems with leopards, do field surveys on leopards prey, look for leopard signs, right about it and read research articles. I hope to photograph a leopard soon, but until then will keep sharing photos!!! My profile photo is of a leopard with a wild boar kill, photographed on 5th May 2021 by camera traps in Margallah Hills National Park. Thanks.

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