Nathan C. Yankech

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I'm a 20 year old college student in Toronto, Ontario. I'm taking part-time studies at George Brown for photography, while working my day job. I have a huge passion and interest for all things nature and wildlife photography. My father is a certified Hike Ontario leader. He has led many public walks which me and my brother often go with him to. I've been involved in many insect surveys across Ontario from Algonquin Provincial Park to Murphy's Point Provincial Park to the (GTA). I've also been involved in various nature citizen scientist events, BioBlitzs, surveys (especially Odonata), and moth nights in High Park, Carden Alvar Provincial Park, Rouge National Urban Park, Minesing Swam, and Nature Conservancy. I'm an active FLAP member bird patrolling buildings for window collisions in Toronto. I'm also participating in the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas 2021 (2021-2025) in Markham, Ontario as a principal atlasser. I have a life-time goal of reaching as many species possible. All my photos are just voucher photos, for getting IDs here. For professional photographs, go to my website coming
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