John and Nancy Crosby

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My husband John and I are amateur lepidoptrist having traveled the US photographing butterflies, often with the help of local experts. We live on a coastal river in SE Georgia, USA and have found some really cool butterflies in our area but love to travel when the heat and humidity here is oppressive. We have made many lep trips to Rio Grande Valley, Texas as well as California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Florida but also picked up numerous new species in Oregon, Wisconsin, Ohio, Montana, West Virginia, Wyoming, Idaho, Alabama, North and South Carolina and other less known areas. Birding and chasing butterflies have brought such joy into our lives ! And the friends we've made along the way have, too!

We have photographed and had over 800 Butterfly and Moth Species approved on BAMONA in the past 9 years, 785 of them butterflies, (75 Moths) including 540 Butterflies in the US. Our first overseas butterfly trip was to Panama in December 2014 and that inspired us to travel the U.S. to butterfly. We have also traveled to Costa Rica, Puerto Rica, Ecuador, Columbia, Portugal and made several trips to Mexico. We also photograph dragonflies but have a lot to learn about identifying them!

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