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Hi, I am a high school student in Omaha, Nebraska. My main focus is freshwater fish species, but I love herps and insects too. I hope to work with endangered North American fish species in Tennessee and surrounding states one day. Any help with IDs is greatly appreciated and I always love to learn new things.

My current fish life list is at 117 species

My strongest genus's are as follows
Notropis (Mainly Nebraska natives)
Fundulus (Midwest only)

I'm currently getting way more into grasshoppers. If anyone has advice for me or places I can find interesting species I would be more than happy to know. This is a brand new interest of mine so I will ID lots of my own grasshopper observations wrong. Getting help with those is appreciated.

Another new interest of mine is mussels. I am very unskilled in this field but I find Bivalves to be very interesting specifically midwestern freshwater species. Any information to help me ID species in the future is greatly appreciated.

Check out my YouTube channel.
I do a lot of native fish keeping and other animals.

Broncos fan for life 🧡💙🐴🏈

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