Norman Behr

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Since my early childhood I am interested in any living organism.
Even my profession is technical I am a citizen scientist for ichthyology.
Fishes have been always a special focus for me.
Over the years I specialized on the subfamily Loricariinae.
At my exploration travels to south america I am in search for undescribed species of catfishes and primarily Loricariinae.
An other aspect is to know about the habitat and the needs of the different species.
To spread the gathered knowlegde of the subfamily I give lectures on several ichthyological and explorational topics. Until now I held lectures in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Peru.
Next to the lectures I was working on several publications since 2004. As main author the topic is primarily about Loricariinae. But as Co-author I also contributed articles with other topics.
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