Oscar Grant

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Kia ora,
I'm a New Zealand ecologist with a particular interest in plants.
Though my roots are primarily coastal (and northern) , I have been spending quite a lot of time in the mountains over the last few summers, enjoying getting to know some of the unique habitats the South Island has to offer. A lifetime wouldn't be enough to do it justice, a botanist and explorers paradise!
After some years of working as a botanist for DOC's biodiversity monitoring project, and it sinking in that I haven't found the rich benefactor to fund my botanical explorations, I am now transitioning to work independently as a botanical/ecological consultant. Any inquiries for plant related work across the country are welcome. Botanical surveys, ecological assessments, landscaping, advice, guided plant tours - you name it, I'm keen to talk.
Loosely based in the South Island at the moment, though I seem to spend a fair bit of time in the North Island too, particularly around Auckland.
Always keen to meet up with people for expeditions, or just to share the stoke - feel free to get in touch!
Also enjoy surfing, but there are probably other forums better suited to that haha

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